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Darek Mazzone

Darek Mazzone : Wo-Pop, Tues. 6-9PM

Time at station:
Since 1992

Real job:
Owner of Tashkent Park LLC a Technology Marketing Company. Audio Architect for Retailers like West Elm in NYC. Remixer for various labels.
Every Quarter I throw a charity event. The night is called JUICE and it's a benefit that supports a different charity each month. The charities I choose all do some type of international focused work. In the past we've supports NWIRP,, Bahia Street, World Affairs Council. The music is funky global.

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Darek Mazzone has been a Producer/DJ for the last 20 years, starting in Boston, MA at a production company called Interlock Media Associates. Darek produced films about the struggles of indigenous tribes to protect their land and way of life from encroaching modernization and exploitation. Films such as "Rainforests Proving their Worth" and " The First Link" gave Darek a deep understanding of the importance of cultural exchange.

In 1992 Darek moved his operations to Seattle, WA, where he began working in a wide range of media projects. He focused his attention for the next four years on the advertising industry and gained experience in the technical equipment and skills that the high budgets of ads could afford. While working in advertising, Darek produced and directed work for a wide range of international clients in all forms of media. After winning many awards for his work he felt the calling of his first love, music.

This calling was especially influenced by his position as the Producer and Host of the top World Music radio program in the Northwest, "Wo-Pop", which he has been producing for 11 years.

In 2000 Darek has Produced and Directed ten films for Seattle's Experience Music Project, the recently opened, Frank Gehry-designed Music museum. These films have met with wide acclaim and are a showpiece of the 300 million-dollar facility. He has also created music+film programming for the Paris based world music broadband channel Mondomix, which had him producing in France and South Africa

in 2002 Darek released his first single which charted in the US and Europe. He has recently finished a remix for the Naxos record label, and is currently recording his full-length release.

Throughout his career, Darek has kept his ear to the ground by DJ'ing at various clubs in the US, playing with such artists as Santana, Pearl Jam, REM, Ozomatli, Kruder & Dorfmeister, and Paul Oakenfold.

10 Artists I Like Right Now:
Jony Iliev & Band (Bulgaria)
When Jony sings and his voice moves between four octaves heart and head are torn. Filled with passion, thrust in between happiness and despair, between poverty and discrimination on one side, freedom and zest for life on the other - Jony Iliev and Band mesmerize with their masterly compositions spiced with Romanes lyrics

Moana (New Zealand)
"...As a singer with a political and cultural consciousness, Moana is one of the most renowned artists to emerge from New Zealand.and she creates a fusion between smooth world music, and the urban sound with earthy, international beats..."

Nitin Sawhney (UK)
One of the most talented and recognized producers and songwriters within the British electronic and fusion music scene, Nitin Sawhney is also a respected actor, writer, and scriptwriter. Conceiving daring theme combinations of electronica-style beats with gleaming pieces of Asian inspirations driven within the trip-hop and jazzy styles, Sawhney delivers exclusive and overwhelming sound pieces, enlightened by his indubitable creative insight.

Sainkho Namtchylak (Tuva)

Saian Supa Crew (Paris)
Parisian hip-hop collective Saïan Supa Crew are obviously dab hands at this rap game. Not that you can understand a word they say (without a degree in French slang), but the density of the ideas and finesse of their delivery speaks for itself. Bouncing from style to style like lyrical toddlers they clamber over backing tracks, throwing shapes and generally showing off. Staccato assaults, laidback swings, Latin, reggae and electro cuts all make an appearance, as do Roots Manuva, Brand Nubian and The Arsonists...

Amr Diab (Cairo, Egypt)
Amr Diab graduated from the Cairo Acadamy of Art in 1986. His first album "Ya Tareeq" followed shortly. It was an instant success. There have been, since then, a further 16 top selling albums in a prolific recording career which has established him as the super-star of the Arab world...

Elvis Crespo (Puerto Rico/New York)
With his mastery of the Dominican Republic's merengue tradition, New York-born and Puerto Rico-raised vocalist Elvis Crespo wasted no time in reaching the apex of contemporary Latin music...

Manu Chao (Barcelona)
Manu Chao was born in Paris in 1961 to a Galician father and a Basque mother. As he himself says, if in his home there had been a football, now he would be playing soccer, but there was a guitar, well as many refugees : intellectuals, singers, composers, painters...all fleeing south American dictatorships. Those were frequent visitors to his father, Ramón...

Baba Zula & Mad Professor (Istanbul, Turkey)
"Baba Zula originally came together in order to produce music to accompany theatre and film. This is their first album for album's sake and the lovely, eclectic, mix of Turkish folk forms, such as gazel, taksim & bozlak blend with electronics & sampling in a very even & engrossing way"

Sukshinder Shinda (London/Bombay)
With over 200 album credits and countless hit songs to his name, Sukshinder Shinda has thrived in the music business for more than a decade. He has produced many worldwide smash-hit albums, overseen many new music artists and has had his music featured on a number of Bollywood film soundtracks too. With this glorious portfolio Sukshinder Shinda, would be considered by many as the most talented and influential music directors to emerge from the UK's Asian scene, can proudly call himself 'The Music Man'...

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