Kennady Quille



Hello! My name is Kennady! I use She/They pronouns. I take a ton of pride in having this platform and I am honored to spotlight the amazing artists in the beautiful PNW on Audioasis. I’m born and raised in the Seattle area and have been involved with local non-profits like Rain City Rock Camp since I was in high school. I got my start at KEXP through the youth DJ program 90.TEEN when I was 17 and I’ve been on air ever since! I’ve been playing guitar, singing, and performing for as long as I can remember.

In my spare time, I play in a punk/Riot Grrrl band called Mold Mom, run the Riot Grrrl zine Ra-Ra Rebel, thrift an exorbitant amount of vintage clothes, rummage through record stores, and dance at local shows around Seattle. 

Feel free to send me your music, I always want to hear it! You can email me at or reach me on Instagram @ALivingHumanGrrrl.


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