Kevin Sur

My musical journey started like it did for so many, as a child obsessed with their parent’s record collection. That collection represented a wide array of magical sounds ranging from my Native Hawaiian Slack Key to Motown, Jazz, Opera, Ranchera, and Rock n’ Roll. The obsession never ended and at the age of 14, I was taken to my first punk show where I realized that music could be for everyone, not just the virtuosos. 5 years later I found myself living life in a tour van, touring the nation playing aggravated guitar music with a found family, and learning from others that the music scene was a community, not an industry.

After many years of touring and then studying music composition, I made my way to Seattle because I felt it could be a place where I could be a useful part of a music community. Since coming here in 2008, I founded Artist Home, an organization driven by putting artists on a platform that haven’t’ been given one through festivals we created like Timber! Outdoor Music and Doe Bay Fest. Off the stage, we are proud to have had an open door offering free consultation services to artists needing help and have been active advocates for musicians and our music spaces.

Outside of music work, I can typically be found crafting things in my woodshop, growing things in my garden or just hanging with my family (all while listening to KEXP of course).

Amplifying voices of Indigenous people on KEXP is an honor I never imagined would be a reality. As a Kānaka Maoli who has spent my life separated from the place and people that I belong to, it is my hope that I can help Indigenous people feel seen, empowered and connected with others who have a shared history. 

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