90.TEEN is programmed by the participants in the KEXP Youth DJs program. The goal of this program is to teach young people confidence skills and develop career goals, positive thinking, practice, curation, technical and programmatic knowledge, and training through the art of broadcast journalism and DJing.

KEXP is excited to introduce the 2021-2022 90.TEEN DJs:

Sarah Sutherland-Field (or Sarah Slaughter) is a senior in the running start program at Highline College. She spends most of her time listening to punk rock, playing her eclectic guitar, and jamming with friends. While she is a musician who writes her own songs, she also creates her own zines. Her identity as a young queer woman often seeps into her music and creations. Most recently, Sarah took part in Rain City Rock Camp’s advanced music program at MoPOP. Outside of music she loves all things Halloween, and horror.  

Ruby Lee (DJ Ruby Red) was born and raised in the Southend of Seattle and currently goes to Rainier Beach High School. At a young age she was introduced to artists, musicians, and activists working to foster creative leadership in the community’s young people. She was able to explore realms of her personal identity through youth programming in the Seattle area and has been impacted by organizations like AGE UP, Rain City Rock Camp, and Youth In Focus. For Ruby, access to arts education was vital to who she is as an artist today and believes music, and art forms like it, go hand in hand with community organizing and social justice work. Ruby passionately pursues filmmaking, graphic design, and journalism while also building her skills in community organizing and leadership. Music is what drives Ruby’s creativity and her knowledge of music spans across many genres. She will happily sip tea to jazz, cry to folk, or rock out to grunge. Catch her on the wrong day and she’s crying to jazz, sipping tea to grunge, and rocking out to folk. It really depends.  
PS if you need to learn how to solve a Rubik's cube or make an origami anything she is your person.  

DJ Pheebs is a music lover and high school student with her roots firmly planted in Seattle. She was first introduced into the music world through playing jazz flute in her school band and hasn't looked back since. Getting to know the Seattle music scene is one of the things that makes her feel most connected to the city she grew up in and the community around her. She fell in love with KEXP a couple years ago and is grateful and excited to be a part of 90.TEEN. Aside from music, her other loves are hiking, ultimate frisbee, peppermint tea, and black coffee. 

DJ Nancy is a high school student at Sammamish High School. She is a visual artist and writer with a passion for exploring new mediums and new ways to express creativity. The community which art and music can create is one of her passions, and she wants to help others find that connection, inspiration, and joy that she has been lucky enough to find and witness herself.  

DJ Josh is an eclectic 16-year-old who puts emphasis on community and collaboration. A lifelong Seattleite, he is immersed in different corners of Seattle’s vibrant local music scene. Josh plays a wide variety of instruments including bass, guitar, piano, and banjo. On the listening side, he takes in everything from breakcore to twee pop to cloud rap. His arts journalism and music recommendations have been featured on the TeenTix Newsroom blog. A community volunteer with farm working and organizing experience, he takes a multifaceted approach to community building. Josh recognizes the importance of independent minded public radio in creating unity and fostering a safe and inviting communal environment.  

Coltronix is a dynamic music producer, disc jockey, and music enthusiast. Vermont born and  Virginia made, he resides in Seattle and currently studies at Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences. When not cooking up beats or seeing live music he enjoys a peaceful yet fulfilling lifestyle, playing basketball, tennis, and exploring the world. With curiosity and compassion Coltronix strives to connect the people of the world through music.

DJ DC (Delphine Casper) is a 17-year-old musician and songwriter born and raised in Seattle, WA. Currently a senior in high school, she spends her days with piles of schoolwork in one hand and her guitar in the other. Awestruck by Seattle’s famed music scene, she has always loved music, but she began songwriting at the age of 7 years old. Growing into young adulthood, she learned piano and guitar and even taught herself bass and ukulele. She started her own independent project, Delphine Elliott, 3 years ago, and loves to play her music with her band around local venues. Coming from a background in musical theater, classical choir and vocal jazz, her music taste could never be boxed into one genre. She loves anything from reggae to rock to indie pop and is always looking for new artists to obsess over. Participating in STG’s Songwriters Lab, STG + Starbucks’s Up Next, NYU’s Summer Songwriting Workshop, and Seattle’s own Totem Star, you may see Delphine around Seattle, so be sure to say hi! She’d love to chat with you about your favorite new band, local coffee spot (but only if they have matcha lattes), or the best thrift store. 


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