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Larry Rose
Friday, March 6, 2015 - 2 PM
in for Kevin Cole
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DJ Comment: "Evolving from the late-'60s art-rock movement, Roxy Music had a fascination with fashion, glamour, cinema, pop art, and the avant-garde, which separated the band from their contemporaries. Dressed in bizarre, stylish costumes, the group played a defiantly experimental variation of art rock which vacillated between avant-rock and sleek pop hooks. During the early '70s, the group was driven by the creative tension between Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno, who each pulled the band in separate directions: Ferry had a fondness for American soul and Beatlesque art-pop, while Eno was intrigued by deconstructing rock with amateurish experimentalism inspired by the Velvet Underground. This incarnation of Roxy Music may have only recorded two albums, but it inspired a legion of imitators -- not only the glam-rockers of the early '70s, but art-rockers and new wave pop groups of the late '70s."
Love Is the Drug
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DJ Comment: "Keeping the idea of the supergroup alive, Sweden's Amason collected the talents of some of Sweden's finest artists of the early 2000s to create some very slick indie pop that's pitched somewhere between the soft rock melancholy of Fleetwood Mac and the precise sound of Peter Bjorn and John. Comprised of Miike Snow's Pontus Winnberg on keys, Dungen's Gustav Ejstes on guitar, keys, and vocals, bassist Petter Winnberg, drummer Nils Törnqvist of Little Majorette, and vocalist Amanda Bergman of Hajen and Idiot Wind, the group formed out of the INGRID music collective. Having known each other for years, sharing stages and planning sessions, they organically decided to start writing songs and playing together in 2012. The first recorded result of their collaboration was 'Margins,' a single released in early 2013, then a self-titled EP in August 2013 on INGRID, which was followed by two singles in 2014, 'Alen' and 'Duvan.'"
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DJ Comment: "Curtis Mayfield started out in music at the age of 7, singing in his grandma’s church in Chicago. He taught himself guitar, keyboard, piano, saxophone and drums. When he was 14 he wrote a song 'Gypsy Woman' that would later hit the top of the charts. And at 16, he dropped out of high school to join a traveling gospel act who would become famous as the Impressions. Later on, like other African-American artists James Brown and Sam Cooke, he would become a businessman too, one who would help out other African- American artists and control the way all of their music was marketed and made."
Pusher Man
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DJ Comment: "If you asked them a year ago if they’d be here today, Made Violent wouldn’t be able to tell you. It was then that the trio – Joseph White (bass/vocals), Rob Romano (guitar) and Justin Acee (drums) – secluded themselves in a cabin to make music. No aspirations, no five-year plan. But the story starts long before that. For years, the three had not only been best friends – they’d been almost inseparable. 'One of them would buy me a Four Loko and I’d sit on a couch in their practice space and watch them play,' says White, whose 21st birthday is still months away. 'Then I’d go to high school in the morning. I told them I was 19.' Fast forward to 2014 – the band casually releases 'Wasted Days' online, 'a song about losing everything,' says Acee. To their surprise, 'Wasted Days' would catch the attention of UK heavyweight NME Magazine. Not long after, the band would find a home at Columbia Records’ tastemaker imprint, Startime International."
Two Tone Hair
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DJ Comment: "Twenty-plus years into a varied and universally celebrated career, Spoon can still surprise and delight us. They Want My Soul, the Austin-based band’s follow-up to 2010’s Transference, has all the Spoon hallmarks you expect: the fiery voice of frontman Britt Daniel, the wry if sometimes bittersweet lyrics, and a punchy pop-influenced sound that’s immediately identifiable. But They Want My Soul also offers so much more, from the purified rock-n-roll vibe of 'Rent I Pay' to the frenetic, fascinating guitar lick on 'Knock Knock Knock.' They played both songs, plus the driving, and at times manic, 'Rain Taxi', to preview the new album live at KEXP, where the band was interviewed by one of their most ardent and loyal fans, DJ Cheryl Waters. Not only were we thrilled to host Spoon in our own studio for the very first time, but we went ga ga ga ga ga when they rolled out an amazing 9-song set filled with songs from their whole catalog."
Do You
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DJ Comment: "You won’t find a more kicked-back band than Nada Surf. Their relaxed demeanor, easy banter and effortless performances make you think they’re the kind of guys you just want to hang out with. During their recent acoustic session, live on KEXP from the Bumbershoot Music Lounge, it was like the entire audience was sitting in their living room as they played a comfortable range of favorites and even invited their pal John Roderick of the Long Winters to guest of a few songs." Watch it all here:
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DJ Comment: "If you’re amazed that a man his age and of this talent has only released a debut album, you should check out the film Soul of America, which follows Bradley’s rise to his current success. Charles Bradley has been through serious hardships in his life and has risen above it all to finally, after all these years, find widespread success and a record deal to match his incredible talent. All the pain and joy of his experience, and his unwavering dedication to music-making ever since he saw James Brown perform at the Apollo in ’62, is present in his voice." Dig deeper, and watch Bradley in performance at our studio:
Stay Away (Nirvana cover)
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DJ Comment: "Until the Ribbon Breaks are a British trio who blend electronic elements with pop, rock, and hip-hop. The group began as the solo project of multi-media artist and Cardiff native Pete Lawrie Winfield. The band's name refers to the custom of making mixtapes which will hopefully be played over and over by the recipient 'until the ribbon breaks.' Winfield's first single, 'Pressure,' was released in early 2013 and was accompanied by a homemade video which incorporated scenes from David Lynch's 1997 film Lost Highway. A second track, '2525,' was released a few months later after which Winfield recruited musicians James Gordon and Elliot Wall to complete the band. Their work remixing artists like the Weeknd, Sam Smith, and Lorde gained them some renown, with Lorde eventually inviting them to open her 2013 North American tour."
A Taste of Silver
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DJ Comment: "Best remembered for the smash "Groove Me," New Orleans soul singer King Floyd was born in the Crescent City on February 13, 1945, and raised in nearby Kenner, LA. He began singing on street corners while in his early teens, befriending local musicians like Earl King and Willie Tee. With the aid of New Orleans blues legend Mr. Google Eyes, Floyd landed his first paying gig at the Bourbon Street club Sho-Bar in 1961, although his fledgling career was soon put on hold by military duty. Following his army discharge in late 1963, Floyd migrated to New York City, signing with booking agents Shaw Artists and regularly performing throughout Manhattan. He also began writing songs, encouraged by the likes of Don Covay and J.J. Jackson. After about a year he resettled in Los Angeles, befriending another New Orleans expatriate, composer/arranger Harold Battiste."
Groove Me
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DJ Comment: "When Carl Barât (formerly of The Libertines) began working on the follow-up to his self-titled 2010 solo debut, he realized he needed the collaborative spirit of a band for this set of songs. After posting an ad on Facebook seeking potential members that drew thousands of interested musicians, he settled on the lineup of guitarist Billy Tessio, bassist Adam Claxton, and drummer Jay Bone. Dubbed the Jackals, Barât and the band went into the studio with the Bronx's Joby J. Ford as producer. The results, Let It Reign, arrived in 2015."
Summer In The Trenches
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DJ Comment: "Ned's Atomic Dustbin's stylish fusion of punk and funk earned them a fair number of fans in the early '90s, just as England's Stone Roses-inspired 'Madchester' scene was drawing to a close. Comprised of Jonn Penney (vocals), Rat (guitar), Matt Cheslin (bass), Alex Griffin (bass), and Dan Warton (drums), the group began as a neo-goth rock outfit in the late '80s. By the beginning of the '90s, the band had developed a dense, assaultive sound that was distinguished by their thundering two-bass attack. Ned's released their first single, 'Kill Your Television,' in 1990; on the back of a slick, sloganeering marketing attack (epitomized by the 86 T-shirts the band had designed in their first three years), the single reached the U.K. Top 50 and led to a record contract with Sony Music."
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DJ Comment: The Twilight Sad will be playing at the Tractor Tavern tonight! "Emerging in the mid-2000s as one of the leaders of a strain of sweeping, emotionally direct indie rock from Scotland, The Twilight Sad’s unabashed penchant for melancholy and shoegaze/post-punk heft quickly established critical buzz on both sides of the Atlantic. Formed in late 2003, singer James Graham, guitarist Andy MacFarlane, bassist Craig Orzel, and drummer Mark Devine were signed by the UK indie label FatCat at the band’s third-ever gig on the strength of their first demo." More, plus a downloadable copy of "Last January":
There's a Girl in the Corner
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