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Kevin Cole
Friday, August 28, 2015 - 2 PM
The Afternoon Show: loves you!
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Son of a Gun
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DJ Comment: "The third album from this 8-piece Welsh band led by Liz Hunt is a sweet set of ‘60s-steeped pop reminiscent of Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian. The album’s lush pop sound combines guitars, keyboards, strings, horns and a variety of percussion with breathy, plaintive vocals, lovelorn lyrics and wistful melodies on sturdily crafted songs ranging from swinging Motown-indebted tunes to atmospheric ‘60s girl-group ballads." ~ Don Yates
All I Want From You Is Everything
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The Moment
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DJ Comment: "As the band tells it, the record is heavily influenced by the two Summers of Love, the first being the San Francisco summer of 1967, and the second being that in Britain during 1988. It’s easy where Cut Copy seem to draw inspiration from both of these. The first goes along with their often psychedelic and universalist lyrical imagery, while the second tells the story of how the rave scene entered the masses. But more than anything, Cut Copy draw one particular aspect from the past: freedom. No other element rings more true from beginning to end of Free Your Mind. Where other bands this year chose to tackle the problems of the world and the consistently dwindling place for the individual in an increasingly noisy landscape, Cut Copy give us a reminder from the past that freedom and the freedom to love will continue to give us hope moving forward." Dig deeper into the release, and watch videos from, our album review:
Free Your Mind
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DJ Comment: "Growing up in record stores and vintage stores you learn the whole history of music and fashion and how it’s integrated and how they affect each other. I’m really into the entire cohesive presentation of being in a rock band, to the point where I'm pretty obsessive about things like graphic designers like Peter Saville, 23 Envelope, and Microdot, who did all of The Verve stuff and Oasis and and stuff like that. I’m really interested in the history of graphic design and the history of fashion and the history of music. I think that when you're trying to create iconography you need to know the lineage of it and of what you’re joining." Tamaryn was JUST here; check out her incredible in-studio:
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