Diana Ratsamee

Diana Ratsamee is a Lao-American musician, producer, and DJ based out of Seattle, Washington. Her passions lie in connecting people through storytelling, sound, and movement. She’s played at events and festivals throughout the Seattle underground dance scene and led experience design and programming for the Seattle Chinatown International Block Party and festivals throughout Washington.
Diana grew up between the CID and south Seattle. Her musical inspiration comes from her father, a Lao refugee who fled his home country of Laos to Seattle with dreams of becoming a musician. Navigating this new life in America, her father found refuge in music by playing in both an American and Lao rock band. Diana grew up watching her father take the stage in concert halls and small venues in the Lao community. This inspired her to explore the music and sounds that brought joy and unity to her community.
Her musical loves range from everything between disco to psychedelic Southeast Asian rock, city pop to traditional morlum music. Her musical diversity mirrors her dedication to celebrating unity and inclusivity through music. 

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