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Mechanical Breakdown

Hosted by Sharlese
Mechanical Breakdown on KEXP is a weekly hour program exploring the many different styles of various wave and synth genres, including, New Beat, Italo, Post-Punk, EBM and more.

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Next Mechanical Breakdown Guest mix is from Ukrainian artist, Vladyslav Putistin!


Vladyslav Putistin is a Kyiv-based Ukrainian DJ. He started in the late '00s and witnessed the birth of modern local clubs and festivals which forged his energetic distinctive style. As a DJ he seamlessly merges EBM, Italo Disco, New Beat, and Trance in admired sets, podcasts, mixes. After the full scale invasion Vladyslav started to produce his own music as a solo artist and as part of a duo with talented Kyiv-based artist Lvcerate. Their first EP Hot Flashes was released in early 2024 via Sharped Records.

Check out some recent guest mixes below: