The Challenge Is Coming ...

Hood to Hood, Fundraising Drives

Who among you will fight for the music?

KEXP’s Annual Hood-to-Hood Challenge coincides with our One-Day Summer Fund Drive this Friday, June 10. But why wait? Show your civic pride now and help your neighborhood take an early lead in the 2016 Hood-to-Hood Challenge.

Starting today, when you donate to power great music on KEXP, you can vote for whichever Hood you choose. The one that shows the most support wins a party at KEXP next year, complete with live music, KEXP DJs, food and drink from local vendors, and much more.

And if you live in one of the other 49 states (or the District of Columbia), we’ve got a special deal for you. As a special incentive for music lovers elsewhere in the country, this year the state (excluding Washington, naturally) that donates the most before 6:00 p.m. this Friday will be honored with a special day of programming inspired by its music scene.

Donate Now

For instance, if this little State-to-State competition is won by Georgia—and as of this writing, that’s who’s in the lead—you could expect to hear Drive-By Truckers, OutKast, R.E.M., and “Georgia on My Mind.”

Amplifiers, you can participate! Increase your monthly support or make a special one-time gift, and your contribution counts towards Hood-to-Hood or State-to-State, too.

Make your gift right now and how your passion for commercial-free, independent music from all over the world. Because no matter where you call home, and which Hood or State you’re rooting for, when you support great music everybody wins!

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