Amplifiers Love Week 2016 Continues

Fundraising Drives
Amplifiers Love Week 2016 continues! Thanks to the ongoing monthly support of more than 7,000 Amplifier donors, KEXP can devote more resources to bringing you great music and one-of-a-kind events like Intergalactic Bowie Day and Concerts at the Mural. Today we're thrilled to spotlight two more of our amazing Amplifiers, Marco and Jane Savarise.

When Jane Savarise moved to Seattle from Vancouver, BC, her husband, Marco, introduced her to KEXP. For the Savarise family, “KEXP is all about the expansion of your musical mind, and experiencing all that is new and different in music.”

Marco says he cannot begin to list the bands that are now favorites because he discovered them on KEXP - and he’s been listening since KEXP was KCMU. “Hearing Cro-Mags, one of my favorite hardcore/metal bands, on air, firmly put the hook in my mouth,” he admits.

Because they travel often, Jane and Marco power KEXP with an ongoing Amplifiers donation. “By contributing monthly I don’t worry that we’ll miss fund drives, and when we do hear them, I don’t feel pressure to donate,” says Jane. “KEXP makes it easy to be an Amplifier, and constantly contribute to the success of the station.”

As Amplifiers, Jane and Marco ensure that KEXP stays on the air, bringing music to the public in more ways than ever.  “We believe in supporting the events KEXP brings to Seattle year after year, not to mention bringing in bands for the in-studios... we look forward to seeing our first band in the New Home.”

Thank you, Marco and Jane, and thanks to everyone who powers KEXP! You keep “music that matters” on the air. Visit KEXP.ORG to learn how you can support great music on KEXP by joining the Amplifiers Monthly Giving Club or to increase your monthly Amplifier donation.

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