Amplifiers Love Week: "KEXP Preaches Love and Connection Every Day"

Fundraising Drives
Today is the last day of Amplifiers Love Week 2016! Thanks to ongoing support from more than 7,000 Amplifier donors, KEXP can devote more resources to bringing you great music and one-of-a-kind events like Nothing Compares 2 U and free performances by Charles Bradley and The Posies in our Gathering Space. Today, we’re excited to spotlight Christine Chaney, another one of the music lovers who supports great music on KEXP as an Amplifier.

In 1989, Christine Chaney moved to Seattle from rural Indiana. Two things proved to her that she was in the right place: "A drive down Broadway on my first sunny summer Saturday night (what I saw was wonderfully weird), and discovering KEXP on my radio dial."

As a freelance designer and artist, Christine spends a lot of time working alone in her studio. She says KEXP connects her to other music lovers in a creative zone, which in turn inspires her. “Music is the best church of open-mindedness and connectivity I could possibly find. That’s why I moved to the left coast—to be with people who choose love and connection over hate and fear. KEXP preaches this every day.”

Because she’s self-employed, Christine empathizes with the dry spells that accompany irregular income. By supporting KEXP as a member of the Amplifiers Monthly Giving Club, she hopes to prevent KEXP from feeling that same kind of uncertainty.

“Even though I can’t know what I will make in a year, I want my charities to know what they will receive. Once I planned to donate to my charities monthly, it was like I turned on a funding faucet and the water just keeps coming. I am just thankful I can be a part of KEXP in this way.”

Christine powers KEXP because she wants to ensure that the station will always be here for her, and her community, through thick and thin. The day that David Bowie died, she immediately turned on KEXP and listened all day, knowing she could connect with a community that was feeling the same pain that she was feeling. "It felt like a wake, and I felt better because of it … more in love with Bowie and more thankful for KEXP than ever.”

Thank you to Christine, and all our donors, for powering KEXP. To learn how you can support even more great music on KEXP by joining the Amplifiers, or to increase your monthly gift, visit KEXP.ORG.

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