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Throwaway Style Local Music Album Reviews

Throwaway Style: Shannon & the Clams Stand on the Edge of Sweeping Change on Year of the Spider

On their lavish and stirring sixth album, the Portland-via-Bay Area band explore massive life changes and adversity with arguably their most diverse set of songs. Martin Douglas explores.

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Local Music KEXP Premiere

Chanarah Pens An Undeniable Anthem Alognside Holly Michelle and Mowett with “That Pop Tho”

The Seattle artists' music feels like the antithesis to the “Seattle freeze,” beckoning our passive-aggressive, introverted selves to let down our guards and actually enjoy ourselves for once.

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Throwaway Style Interviews Local Music

Throwaway Style: The 24 Karat Shine of Goldenbeets

The rising, Portland-based hip-hop producer lets Martin Douglas in on his golden era influences, his process, and the banger that put him on the map.

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Local Music Music News

Announcing the DAY IN • DAY OUT Festival w/ CHVRCHES, KAYTRANADA, and Other Bands Without All-Caps Names

This new Seattle music festival will be held Saturday and Sunday, September 4-5, at the Fisher Green Pavilion in Seattle Center.

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Throwaway Style Local Music Album Reviews

Throwaway Style: Rose City Band's Earth Trip and This Sweltering Early Summer

As the streets of Seattle and Tacoma were scorched by an unprecedented heatwave, Martin Douglas wrote a grouchy heatwave diary to the sounds of Ripley Johnson's latest opus.

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Local Music KEXP Premiere

LIV† Explores the Heights and Depths of Black Queer Love in "Sade to Infinity" (KEXP Premiere)

The immensely talented Seattle R&B singer/songwriter provides a vivid music video for her latest EP's certified makeout anthem in celebration of Pride Weekend.

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Sub Pop 30th Anniversary Count-Up

In 2018, KEXP celebrated the 30th anniversary of local record label Sub Pop with a four-month retrospective, "counting up" every catalog number in their vast discography of over 1,200 releases. Dig into the archives of our catalog coverage, featuring in-depth coverage on the history of their releases.

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