Hood to Hood Day 2016: Acapulco Lips

Hood to Hood
Janice Headley
all photos by Patrick Luhrs (view set)

Where did all these people come from?! We ain't gonna front: it's freakin' hot out here at KEXP's 2016 Hood to Hood broadcast from the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. But as local trio Acapulco Lips took the stage, the crowd came emerging from the shadows.

The band were practically made for fun in the sun: with surf-rock guitars and rollicking rhythms, you could just imagine Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello dancing along at the beach party. We don't have any sand here, but the crowd danced anyway (including some incredibly cute younguns) and hand-clapped along to the beat.

This heat has gotta be a cake walk to frontwoman Maria-Elena Juarez who moved here from Austin, Texas, where it gets even hotter than this. But how her bandmates guitarist Christopher Garland and drummer Jordan T. Adams (formerly of Gazebos) managed to bang it out under the sun is beyond me. Must be the same endurance the crowd had: when the music's that good, you gotta take the heat.

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