KEXP Spring Fundraising Drive: The Streets of South Dakota

Fundraising Drives, Street Sounds

Certain moments in KEXP history loom larger than others: venturing into space with astronaut Stan Love; Sir Paul McCartney's Afternoon Show phone-in; Mudhoney rocking the tippy-top of the Space Needle.

But honestly? The day-to-day flashes of our shared passion for music spur my greatest feelings of pride in KEXP. The reminders that, thanks to listener power, great music touches lives all over the world...Even Spearfish, South Dakota. That's where KEXP listener Dan donated from on Sunday night:

"I love everything on KEXP but especially Street Sounds and Larry Mizell, Jr. Where I live is not exactly a hotbed of hip hop so I have to find it online and I haven't found another source which plays so much great stuff and opens my ears to new things and feels like it's coming from actual people, and not some you-might-also-like, soulless computer algorithm. Thank you for all the hard work and keep it up."
Thank you, Dan. Music lovers like you who donate to KEXP make that hand-picked music possible. Every single program, from El Sonido to Street Sounds, The Afternoon Show to Expansions. Every podcast, YouTube video, and in-studio performance. You power all of that.

Great music deserves to be heard, regardless of when, where, and how you listen. Music lovers - actual people -working together make that possible. And you can, too, with a gift of any amount to our Spring Fundraising Drive. Please donate right now. And when you do, take a minute to share where and why you gave. We'd love to know more about you.

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