KEXP Spring Fundraising Drive: Handcrafted Radio

Fundraising Drives

When I'm not playing records or working behind-the-scenes at KEXP, I love doing crafts. Right now, I'm reproducing Lou Reed's Transformer in needlepoint. And yesterday, I convinced Chris and Cheryl to make thank-you cards by hand for Midday Show donors because I was inspired by this message from Myrna in Kingston:

I am committed to creating beautiful and useful content every day, and I stand in solidarity with all those equally committed to their crafts. I am a letterpress printer and I love listening to KEXP in my shop. I so appreciate the care, wit, and encyclopedic wisdom you employ putting together each show, song by song, hour by hour. Handcrafted, indeed! Your craft supports mine, so I support you back. Thanks! 
Since the Spring Fundraising Drive began last Friday, we've heard from architects, novelists, painters ... the creativity and craftsmanship shown by the KEXP Community blows my mind. When you donate to KEXP, you do more than just keep great music listener-powered and commercial-free; you inspire your fellow music lovers to keep pursuing their individual passions.

If you've already donated during the Spring Fundraising Drive, thank you. If not, today's the last day. Please make your gift right now and let's finish this crazy thing (the Spring Drive, not my needlepoint) together!

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