Live Video: Shigeto

Live Video, Decibel Festival
Anna McClain
photo by Beth Crook (view set)

When asked to describe his music, Zach Saginaw, operating under the pseudonym Shigeto, urges prospective fans to "have a listen". Drawing on his jazz background, instrumental hip-hop and years of drumming to create beat-heavy electronic tracks, Shigeto's music does indeed transcend traditional genres and defies easy classification. You can listen, and watch, for yourself, as this ever-adapting artist brings his live drumming and beat-making skills to KEXP for a fresh in-studio performance, recorded this past September during Decibel Festival. Watch below and be sure to check out the full performance to hear Shigeto talk with DJ Alex about the meaning behind his latest album, No Better Time Than Now, and his recent move to Detroit.

 Full Performance:

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