Live Video: Jagwar Ma

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Dave Lichterman (view set)

Leave it to an Australian band to save Brit Pop. Actually, they may be destroying it because reportedly Noel Gallagher is too busy listening to Jagwar Ma to get the old band back together. In truth, the young Aussies have revitalized the Madchester sound, though rather than sustain one long bacchanalian yell, they trace the sonic thread through the scenes that followed. Their debut album, Howlin, combines those baggy beats with rave, popular EDM, and psych rock to form an undulating mix of hook, groove and sonic breakdown that feels as modern as it does familiar. It’s the kind of music that propels a crowded dance hall. Despite their growing acclaim, the touring trio is still working hard to fill rooms throughout the U.S., so we were lucky to catch them at an early point in their career. Check out their full performance live in the KEXP studio here:

Full Performance:

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