Live Video: Mount Kimbie

Live Video, Decibel Festival
Jake Uitti

Known to many as the band who introduced the “post-dubstep” era, Mount Kimbie have always defied expectation. After meeting at college in London and bonding over a shared love of electronic music, the UK duo of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos explored the spaces around the popular dance music of 2008 to create a unique and intimate debut that sounded like nothing else. Since then, they've had many imitators of their own, but Mount Kimbie continue to forge ahead. Their new LP, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, opens the doors of their bedroom studio to allow a surprising amount of live instrumentation. Synths, guitars, drum machines, and live drums combine with prerecorded and found samples that don’t drone, but rather fly, altogether arranged through myriad effects to form a sonic mosaic, rather than a rigid wall. That's right, Mount Kimbie have evolved into a band, as they proved during a recent in-studio session at KEXP, recorded before their showcase at Decibel Festival this year, by playing live as a trio, alternating on guitar, bass and keys, and even adding live vocals of their own. Check out the genre-defying set of this "former electronic duo" here:

Full performance: 

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