Live Video: Kingdom Crumbs

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Anna McClain
photo by Colby Perry

Drum machines, laptops and keyboards don't generally lend themselves to physical expression in music. In many cases, the minute adjustments that can change an entire track are invisible to audiences during electronic performances. The Seattle group Kingdom Crumbs, on the other hand, is captivating to watch live. Their visual appeal could be a product of their blend of the hip-hop and electronic genres, or because "Kingdom Crumbs" was originally a clothing design concept, or maybe it's just because the lighthearted guys clearly have fun performing. Citing influences ranging from jazz to synth rock, Kingdom Crumbs seem willing negotiate any genre boundary to make good music. Their debut self-titled album, which came out in 2012, proves that these guys, part of the Cloud Nice art collective, know what they're doing. Who knows what'll be next for this innovative group, whether it's building a rocket or coming out with an awesome new release. Last fall, during Decibel Festival 2013, the Kingdom Crumbs crew brought tracks from their debut along with some new material to the KEXP studio. Watch the entire performance here:

Full Performance:

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