Indigenous Peoples Day


Indigenous Peoples' Day

Tune into KEXP on Monday, October 12th as we celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day, commemorating the importance of the history, culture, and connection to the lands that our Indigenous communities call home.

Join us for a full day of music, mixes and interviews starting at 5AM with guest host Mike Ramos on Early, and continuing with Gabriel Teodros on The Morning Show, Miss Ashley on The Midday Show, Larry Mizell Jr. on The Afternoon Show, DJ Riz on Drive Time, Albina Cabrera and DJ Chilly on El Sonido, and Sean on KEXP at Night.

KEXP’s Indigenous People’s Day artwork, designed Louie Gong (Nooksack), is in reference to “The Story of Little Rabbit. In particular, Gong references the version of the story told by Roger Fernandes –  a storyteller and member Lower Elwha Band of the S’Klallam Indians – who first learned the tale from Tlingit storyteller Gene Tagabon. “The Story of Little Rabbit” centers on a gathering of animals gathering to discuss a big problem but keep hearing the drumming and chanting of Little Rabbit outside. The animals take Little Rabbit’s limbs one-by-one to cease his drumming, only to find that the song won’t stop and actually comes from Little Rabbit’s heart. It teaches the animals that “when something comes from someone’s heart, there is nothing you can do to stop it. In fact, if you are a friend, you should help them.”

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Lido Pimienta
Black Belt Eagle Scout (2019)
Ana Tijoux
Black Belt Eagle Scout (2018)

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