Indigenous Peoples Day

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Indigenous Peoples' Day

On Monday, October 11th, KEXP celebrated Indigenous Peoples' Day, commemorating the importance of the history, culture, and connection to the lands that our Indigenous communities call home. All day long, we featured music by indigenous artists from throughout the world, with special features and guests throughout the day, starting at 5 AM with the Early show, through the rest of the daytime shows, El Sonido, and KEXP at Night. Revisit this special programming using KEXP's Two-Week Streaming Archive, and revisit articles, interviews, and more on the KEXP website here.

Artwork by Tracie Ching // Courtesy of Nia Tero

The Thriving Peoples. Thriving Places. campaign is an ongoing collaboration by Nia Tero and Amplifier and uplifts the stories of Indigenous women.

This artwork features:

Deb Abrahamson (Spokane Tribe), an environmental activist and water protector who played a large part in the push to clean up the legacy of uranium mining on the Spokane Indian Reservation; Abrahamson died of cancer in January of 2020, attributing her illness to the very radioactive toxins that she had dedicated her life to saving others from. Support the Indigenous Environmental Network.

Twa-le Abrahamson-Swan (Spokane Tribe), an environmental activist and executive director, the River Warrior Society, a collective across the Coeur d’Alene, Colville, Kalispel, Nez Perce, and Spokane tribes; Abrahamson-Swan refocused the collective’s energies on providing pandemic and wildfire relief; daughter of Deb Abrahamson. Support the Indigenous Environmental Network.

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Community Partner: Nia Tero

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Ghetto Kumbé
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Black Belt Eagle Scout (2019)
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