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Hispanic Heritage Month: Mexico

Mexico and KEXP have a historical friendship. Mexico City was our first Latin American destination that we traveled to and we recorded 13 incredible artists from the contemporary Mexican scene there. At KEXP we celebrate the independence of this country, but also its wonderful musical community that we’ll represent with tons of music, new artists, interviews, live sessions and much more.

Below you'll find exclusive in-studios, interviews, guest mixes, podcasts, and more centered on Mexican artists.

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México y KEXP tienen una relación de amistad histórica. Tal es así que México City fue nuestro primer destino latino donde viajamos a grabar 13 increíbles artistas de la escena contemporánea mexicana. En KEXP celebramos la independencia de este país pero también su maravillosa comunidad musical a la que representaremos con toneladas de musica, nuevos artistas, entrevistas, sesiones en vivo y mucho más. 

Interviews and Features

The NRMAL festival director discusses the prevalence of Latin music worldwide as well as the importance of celebrating diversity on festival lineups.

A 2015 throwback article featuring an exclusive DJ set from Mexico City duo Verano Peligroso.

What do The Clash and the peoples of Latin America have in common in 1979? The struggle for human rights.

On his five favorite artists based out of Mexico City right now.

More Interviews from KEXP's CDMX Broadcast


KEXP Live From Mexico City


KEXP partnered with NRMAL music festival and Panoram Studios in Mexico City to celebrate one of the most diverse, supportive, and dynamic music cities in the world. KEXP hosts Kevin Cole, Cheryl Waters and DJ Chilly traveled to Mexico City for a live broadcast, February 26th through March 1st. This broadcast included live performances broadcast on-air at 90.3 FM in Seattle, audio streaming live at KEXP.ORG, with video live stream on KEXP’s YouTube channel. Enjoy some of the videos we broadcast that week below!

Exclusive Guest Mixes