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photo by Morgen Schuler


Live In-Studio Public Viewing

Many KEXP Live In-Studio performances are free and open to the public. Up to 70 visitors can view these performances from the KEXP Live Room Viewing Gallery, complete with a behind-the-scenes look at DJ interviews, video production process and more. If you would like to attend a KEXP Live In-Studio performance, you must register in person at KEXP. Registration is available beginning 90 minutes prior to public sessions, and is free of charge. Check out the complete list of upcoming in-studio performances here .

Ticketing Process & Viewing Policy

  • Registration for spots in the Live Room Viewing Gallery are available in-person on the day of performance only.
  • Visitors may sign up as early as 90 minutes prior to the scheduled performance.
  • Once registered, guests will be given a ticket that confirms check-in.
  • Ticket holders may leave and return closer to the time of the performance or relax in the Gathering Space. Ticketed guests must return and line up for the performance no later than 15 minutes prior to the session.
  • Please note, a ticket does not guarantee admittance to the Viewing Gallery; holding a ticket signifies that the guest has checked in and that a place will be held until 15 minutes prior to the performance.
  • Guests without tickets will be allowed to wait on stand-by and will be admitted on a first come/first served basis if space permits. If ticketed guests do not return 15 minutes prior to the performance, their space will be made available to a standby guest.
  • KEXP’s Viewing Gallery guest policies:
    • No entry or exit once the performance starts (except for emergency)
    • No food or drink
    • No cell phones
    • No video
    • No cameras
    • Allow space between the glass window and guests
    • No tapping, pressing, or leaning against glass
    • Please remain quiet

Please Note

Only select in-studio performances will be made open to the public, contingent upon station schedule, production capabilities, and band schedule. While rare, delays, cancellations, or postponed performances are possible. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding should last minute changes arise. Check back often on our Events Page  for the latest news regarding the performance you hope to attend. 

Upcoming In-Studio Performances

Please visit our Events Page  to see which in-studio performances are open to the public. Scheduled performances will be noted (PUBLIC SIGN UP) on each.


Q: Is the Gathering Space and Viewing Gallery wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes. All entry points are accessible. There are no stairs leading into either the Gathering Space or Viewing Gallery.

Q: What’s the capacity of the Viewing Gallery?

A: Total capacity in the Viewing Gallery is 75. We allow up to 70 sign up guests with 5 to accommodate wheelchair access and working staff.

Q: Are children welcome?

A: Yes, however, please keep in mind that for the enjoyment of all guests, we ask that attendees remain quiet during the performance. Also, please consider there is no entry or exit once the performance begins. If you don’t feel your child will be able to watch the performance quietly for 30 minutes, you may want to reconsider.

Q: Can I hold a bunch of tickets for my friends?

A: No. To ensure all listeners have an opportunity to see a live in-studio performance, guests must be present to sign in and obtain a ticket. Each guest signed in can pick up one additional ticket only. Again, guests must be present 15 minutes prior to the performance and lined up in order to enter the Gathering Space for the performance.

Q: Can we have in and out privileges during the performance?

A: No. The Gathering Space is dark with blackened windows so that KEXP photographers and videographers can capture the best content possible during the performance. Light from opening doors will have a negative effect on the content so we must keep the doors closed. This is also why we cannot allow flash photography. The sound and light from opening doors is also disruptive to other audience members.

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