Gallery in the KEXP Gathering Space


Sound & Vision IV  ||  What a Wonderful World 

On view in the KEXP Gathering Space through December 5, 2018



In celebration of all that is good and kind, collaborative and open-hearted in our local community and around the globe, KEXP is proud to present Sound & Vision IV: What a Wonderful World — a visual love letter to our daring artists and listeners who challenge darkness, destruction, and ignorance with optimism, beauty, generosity, love, and the trust that we, together, can make this world a better place.

Sound & Vision IV: What a Wonderful World reminds us we are not powerless… no matter who or where we are, how old we are, how we identify sexually, racially, ethnically, or religiously.  At every moment of every day, we are part of a fabric of people from every corner of the planet making music, sharing stories, revealing truths, taking care of each other.  In the words of the great Joe Strummer:

“People can do anything—this is something that I'm beginning to learn.  People are out there doing bad things to each other.  That's because they've been dehumanized.  It's time to take the humanity back into the center of the ring and follow that for a time.  Greed, it ain't going anywhere.  They should have that in a big billboard across Times Square.  Without people, you're nothing.”

Sound & Vision IV encompasses the work of 21 KEXP photographers and represents musicians who have graced our New Home and environs from 17 countries, breathing new energy and fresh hope for a brighter future. Never before has the term “global village” been so relevant, so vital, and so exciting.  This exhibit encapsulates KEXP’s persistent goal of meaningfully connecting people to local and international music, to ultimately empower and connect us all through music... and to each other.

Please wander, explore this little slice of heavenly earth surrounding you, and take a deep breath.  You are not alone. We are all connected, and we are in this together. What a wonderful world indeed.

— Charina Pitzel, exhibit producer and KEXP volunteer






Sound & Vision IV was co-curated, produced, and managed by KEXP volunteer Charina Pitzel.

Sound & Vision IV would not be possible without the tireless efforts of KEXP’s Janice Headley, Jim Beckmann, and Dusty Henry to organize the talents of our passionate photographers, as well as contributions from the photographers themselves — all of whom volunteer their time, energy, and hearts to document events and performances both here at the station and abroad.

Sharing their enchanting images and insights in Sound & Vision IV are: Alan Lawrence, Alley Rutzel, Amber Knecht, Bebe Labree, Carlos Cruz, Chad Syme, Charina Pitzel, Dave Lichterman, Eric Tra, Hanna Stevens, Jake Hanson, Jim Bennett, Joel Andrew Simard, Matthew Thompson, Melissa Wax, Morgen Schuler, Niffer Calderwood, Renata Steiner, Sunita Martini, and Sydney Root.

Massive credit goes to KEXP’s Kevin Cole for his co-curation and guidance, Tilly Rodina for her project management genius, Janice Headley and Dusty Henry for their social media brilliance, Barry Vail for his assistance and good cheer, and JeeYoung Dobbs and Susan James for their incredible and warm stewardship of KEXP’s volunteers.

And finally, huge thanks to Taylor, Vishal, Dave, and Joel at Stretch and Staple for producing these glorious prints, as well as for their unflagging patience, helpful advice, and fabulous expertise.

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