Six Degrees of KEXP

Since starting in 2013 with Sharon Van Etten, KEXP's Six Degrees has been an annual spotlight of how our DJs program on the fly, relying on their vast music knowledge and thinking on their feet to come up with the next song. Connections can include anything from guest vocals, shared musicians, same producers, and more. None of these connections have been pre-planned.


In the KEXP Gathering Space, as the day’s programming plays out, Seattle-based artist and illustrator Drew Wicklund has organized five other local artists to work with him to perform a 12-hour live drawing. Lucas Fuentes, Alex Brubacher, Jason Grube, Yoona Lee and Shogo Ota will join Drew in creating illustrations based on the flow of the songs. Watch their "exquisite corpse" piece unfold in real time via streaming video at KEXP.ORG [ NOTE: due to legal reasons, we cannot stream the music through the video; we recommend you listen simultaneously at 90.3 FM Seattle or via the website. ]

Time Artist
6:00 - 9:00 AM Drew Wicklund
9:00 - 11:00 AM Lucas Fuentes
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Alex Brubacher
1:00 - 2:30 PM Jason Grube
2:30 - 4:00 PM Yoona Lee
4:00 - 6:00 PM Connie Ostrowski

Thursday, April 18th
6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PT

The latest installment in KEXP’s Six Degrees series will examine and spotlight the music of Prince. On Thursday, April 18th, KEXP will present a twelve-hour block of programming weaving between Prince's many musical contributions and the wide circle of influence he has built throughout his storied career. The programming will last from 6AM to 6PM Pacific, and can be found in Seattle at 90.3 FM and streamed worldwide at KEXP.ORG.Guest vocals, backing players, shared producers, and more: the connections between tracks are not pre-planned, and DJs will be thinking on their feet to come up with the next song, as they do daily on KEXP. Six Degrees of Prince will be curated by KEXP daytime hosts John Richards, Cheryl Waters, and Kevin Cole, who will be joined during the day by DJ Morgan, OCNotes, DJ Atticus, DJ Abbie, and Troy Nelson.

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Meet the Six Degrees Illustration Team



Drew Wicklund |
@idrew365 on Instagram and Twitter
Andrew Wicklund on YouTube

Andrew “Drew” Wicklund is an independent designer and illustrator living in Seattle, Washington. He attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he received a BFA in Graphic Design (1996). Before starting his design shop, Drew spent over ten years as Creative Director and Designer at a large Seattle brand agency.

In 2010, finding himself “burned out” by the agency life, he set out for a 401-day and 40-country journey around the world. His travels reinvigorated his love of daily drawing and lit a fire to sketch and paint more than he had done since his college days. After living and working in London for a year, he returned to Seattle where he married, works as a one-man branding agency (including helping KEXP whenever possible), pursues fine art, and plays outdoors.



Lucas Fuentes
@senorfuentes on Instagram 

I'm a graphic designer/illustrator based in Seattle.

I approach all projects with the intent of learning something new. Because new experiences is where it's at. Most of them are good ones, like pesto on pizza, but some are really bad, like homemade kombucha. But all experiences teach us something and I aim to learn as much as possible.



Alex Brubacher
@alexbrubacher on Instagram 

Alex is a Designer and Art Director based out Seattle, Washington currently working at local agency Mekanism. He's got two chihuahuas named Bruce and Wayne and likes being in bed before 10pm but you can most likely talk him into staying up for a live show.

Alex and his wife are also launching their business called Night Creature Market this summer. It's a collections screen prints and other hand made crafts, so keep an eye out for them at local festivals and fairs over the coming months.



Jason Grube | 
@grubedoo@hqtrs on Instagram 

Husband & Father. Designer & Illustrator. Left coast Cheesehead. 
Parter & Creative Director at Headquarters.




Yoona Lee
@yoonacular on Instagram | Yoona Lee on Facebook

Yoona Lee is a Seattle-based visual artist, writer, and activist. She has shown her art at venues ranging from Sotheby’s NYC and the Wing Luke Museum to DIY punk-rock venues in DC, Philly, and Seattle. Yoona deals with racial politics, cultural identity, and marginalization in her work. She's been a fan of KEXP since moving to Seattle in 1998.




Connie Ostrowski

@conniejoneso on Instagram

Connie Jones Ostrowski is a Seattle based portrait artist working mainly with acrylic on wood cut-outs. She paints mainly musicians (her favorite being Prince!) and famous folks, but also does portraits on commissions. She does comics as well and has been published in BUST Magazine.

She co-owns an art business called The Makery that puts on art experiences all over Seattle. She started and ran The Show Off Gallery Arts and All Ages Music Space in Bellingham, Washington in the '90s. She’s currently a member of the wacky and wigged, local choir, The Beaconettes.

Earlier this month, Mo'Pop — KEXP's neighbors on the Seattle Center campus — launched the exhibit Prince from Minneapolis. "With nearly 50 artifacts, including photos, artwork, a Prince guitar, and outfits from the Purple Rain Tour and film, guests will experience Prince at key moments in his career, from his early days to the Purple Rain tour and beyond." 

photo courtesy of NPG Records