KEXP Features Marilina Bertoldi in La Cúpula, Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Sonido
Albina Cabrera
all photos by Julieta Maria
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As part of #LatinxHeritageMonth, in one of the most difficult times in modern history, KEXP partnered with the Argentine Ministry of Culture and the impressive Kirchner Cultural Center to pay tribute to the new musical generation of the country. We recorded a KEXP Live At Home with one of our favorite Argentine artists: Marilina Bertoldi

Recording took place over three days, applying the official Argentine COVID-19 prevention protocol, in one of South America’s largest cultural centers located in the City of Buenos Aires, and included the entry of reduced personnel while filming, regular cleaning of public spaces, social distancing, among other measures. 

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Marilina Bertoldi was born in Sunchales, in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. She is currently one of the rock artists with the largest audience. Marilina is not only a highly skilled composer, singer, and guitarist, with her start as the lead in band Connor Questa, she is now a solo artist who shares a powerful message. She has described her experience as ‘a journey of self-discovery’. Marilina won the Gardel de Oro de la Música Argentina award in 2019, only the second woman in the history of Argentina to win the award. The first was renowned artist Mercedes Sosa. 

In her first KEXP session, the Argentine artist joined from her home with DJ Albina Cabrera from El Sonido. She recounted her experience as an artist, her activism within the feminist movement and in music in particular, and how she is trying to change the rules of music, using her own platform to amplify more voices, and diversity of voices. In addition, she presented her new song “Amuleto” for the first time, composed during this lockdown. 

The setlist has 4 songs: “Amuleto”, “Fumar de Dia”, a cover of Robi Draco Rosa “Mas y Mas” and an acapella version of “Remis”.

This alliance through the National Directorate for International Cooperation of the Secretariat for Cultural Development and the Kirchner Cultural Center is in response to our efforts around #LatinxHeritageMonth to enjoy live sessions with Latin American artists such as Ana Tijoux from Chile, Belafonte Sensacional and Son Rompe Pera from Mexico, podcasts with a selection of new music from Latin America, interviews, and tons of new music played on our online programming and on the air. You can access all of our content here.

Look at the photo gallery captured by photographer Julieta Maria for more on the protocol applied and the behind the scenes of our session:












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