Sound & Vision: Cherry Glazerr's Clementine Creevy on Her Songwriting Process

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Following Cherry Glazzer's in-studio performance at KEXP, lead vocalist and songwriter Clementine Creevy chatted with KEXP about her songwriting process and the inspiration behind the songs from the band's latest album Stuffed & Ready – out now on Secretly Canadian. Listen to her breakdown some of the songs in this week's Sound & Vision podcast and read some of her insights below.

Cherry Glazzer performs Friday, Aug. 9 at KEXP and Seattle Center's Concert at the Mural series


On How Songs Come To Her:

Music just floats into my head and then I record it onto my phone. So I'll be driving or I'll be going to sleep and melodies will pop into my head and I'll grab my phone and then record them into my phone. Later I'll translate them onto the guitar and then I'll come up with counter melodies to that guitar part. And that's usually how I come up with my songs.

On Having A Musical Gift:

I do think I have a gift where music comes to me in my head and I'm really grateful for that. But I can't fathom not living life where melodies are popping through your head and stuff.

On Making Music That Appeals to Her:

When people say they love my music, I get kind of uncomfortable, I guess [laughs]. Because I'm like, 'Whoa, that's crazy!' But I'm glad I like my music. My grandma always says, if you are looking for a gift for somebody, get them something that you would want to get for yourself. And I love that because – I don't know how that totally relates to what we're talking about – but I suppose I make music for myself and other people liking it is really nice to me.

On The Themes of Stuffed & Ready

I think the album is a lot about growing up and that wasn't something I was really aware of when I was making it but something that was revealed to me later, after I was done with the album and I sort of sat with it and looked at what I had done. I think I just write what I feel and sometimes that is sadness and confusion and searching for meaning. Sometimes its philosophical reflection and that's how the songs come to be.

On Her Favorite Line from "Stupid Fish"

I like the line 'Hairy people trying not to die' in [the song] 'Stupid Fish.' It sums up my feelings about not sitting around and being nostalgic and sort of how we are all just shooting in the dark. Everyday we wake up not knowing what is going to happen and how we pretend to know what we're doing in order to survive and in order to be happy and live our lives. But it's really all just sort of a sham.

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