Seattle’s Golden Idols Break Hearts with the Devious “Get You Alone” (KEXP Premiere)

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Dusty Henry

Love isn’t always reciprocated. It’s a harsh fact of life that everyone learns and accepts at some point. It’s not a romantic way of looking at the world, but Seattle’s Golden Idols wouldn’t consider themselves romantics either. Case in point, their latest single “Get You Alone” – available for the first time digitally today.

“When I get you alone, know what I’m gonna do” lead vocalist Patrick Broz sings. “I take you to my room and try and talk it through.” With the sensual guitar chops stirring underneath his croon, it’s easy to want to fill in the blanks of where the song is going. But quickly the lyrics change course, turning into a confession that he’s “always in love with someone, just not with you.”

He continues to detail not making moves when he and his would-be partner sleep in the same bed, throwing salt into an already gaping wound. So often you hear songwriters pine from their perspective about how they’ve been wronged in a relationship, or maybe how they messed up and are filled with regret for their actions. Golden Idols show no such remorse. It’s what makes the song so compelling, playing a relationship anti-hero instead of the romantic lead. The furious fuzz and magnetic pulse of the drums build up more and more throughout the song, revelling in the heartbreak they’re unfurling.

Listen to “Get You Alone” below.

For more on the band’s philosphy, they’ve offered KEXP this statement:

“Golden Idols interests lie in the intersection between seemingly incongruous musical styles —making them fit into a song that works on another level, feels good to dance to, and reserves space to look honestly at elements of what it means to be human, to focus more on our little flaws than aggrandize the concept of the soul mate grand romantic gestures. Golden Idols songs are more about the person in the audience of a wedding reception fighting the secret desire to see the bride or groom trip during their rehearsed dance. Notions like that, overlaid it with a heavy movable groove and touches of funk, soul, surf or New Wave are the perfect recipe for a Golden Idols dance track. Come see for yourself.”

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