Review Revue: De La Soul - Three Feet High and Rising

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

In anticipation of tomorrow's 3 Feet High and Rising deep dive, it seemed only appropriate to share our DJs' thoughts from back when this delightful hunk of vinyl slid in the door almost three decades ago. I would say more, but I think the KCMU crew pretty much covers it all (and more) below.

Tune in tomorrow to hear everything that went into making THE DOPEST SHIT OUT.

"The lastest [sic] in 'flower rap.' Cool mixes. Don?"

"I've been waiting for this for a long time. It doesn't quite match my expectations, but then again, nothing would have. Still, this record is innovative and imaginative enough to keep people listening for a long time. Besides sporting the most surreal and imaginative lyrics in rap (forget words like 'dope,' 'fresh,' etc., these guys coin their own words and also use words and phrases in original ways, expanding the meaning of language like poets), the rappers' rhythms are always fresh, and the samples are out of this world - some familiar, but you probably won't hear any on other rappers' records (at least until this comes out). Welcome to the Daisy Age. P.S. 'Potholes in My Lawn' ends side 2, not side 1. 'Tread Water''s the last song on side 1."

"Uh-huh! Flower power rap-soul-funk hybrid. Very cool."

[The top-left chunk of this label is ripped off, and the rest of it contains no punctuation.]"... People... those... miny... el Spots... well '3 Is a Magic # (Yes it is)' is a lot better next thing you know they'll do little 12 toes as a punk rock song Its wierd but I like it."

"C'mon Now!?"

"Tread wawa. Play it."

"Fun EF-YOO-EN fun. However hard to cue + figure out what song it is your [sic] playing. FUN anyway."

"Yeah this is some fun. 'Jenifa...' is good stuff. I don't know just play it ok!"


"Shockmaster Recommends The Following Dope Jams: 'Eye Know'; 'Buddy'; 'Jenifa'; 'Me Myself and I'; This Is a Recording'; 'Ghetto Thang.'"

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