Review Revue: Hunters & Collectors - Hunters & Collectors

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Unlike many of the bands I've covered in this blog over the years, I've actually heard of Hunters & Collectors! I'm not sure where or how I first was made aware of this long-running Australian band, but I presume it was in my formative years, listening to college radio in the Boston area. As I dip my toes into their self-titled debut, a highly enjoyable early-'80s post-punk blend of Talking Heads and Gang of Four, I can absolutely imagine them getting tons of love from WZBC, WMBR, and the like. As they did from the DJs at KCMU. Well, mostly...

"Very percussion oriented, with unusual instrumentation. Sort of primal vocals, in spots - live, very dramatic and visual."

"Quite good."

"H! Please!"

"Well, that was my original intention. Better... late, than never, I guess."

"Very solid and bouncy rhythm persussion - try 'Mouthtrap.'"


"Kinda blah!"

"I like, I like"

"Kinda boring!"

"Still boring!"

"MG, who cares?"

"Get it outta here."

"'Tow Truck,' doubleplusgood."

"This is GREAT stuff."

"Victor's right! This is stuff."

"'... Stranger' SKIPS!!!"

"But not uncontrollably; it keeps going."

"Thank god, for someone."

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