Review Revue: Joe Jackson - Body and Soul

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

We may never know what 1984 KCMU DJs thought of Joe Jackson's Body and Soul, the follow up to Night and Day (on which we have plenty of input from the contemporaneous DJs). It's pretty likely that many of those who loved his early stuff remained less than pleased with his doubling-down on the highly produced pop approach. But what we do have is the hindsight of several years, as it seems this LP was introduced into the library in 1990, six years after its initial release. Most of this crowd, with the benefit of several years hindsight, seemed to be pretty into it. (There is always that one guy, though.)

So join us, in 2016 (or wherever you are in the future), as we look back at the DJs of 1990 looking back at the music of 1984. So much hindsight!

"Mr. Amazing does it AGAIN. The sound alone is worth the price of admission. Fantastic recording techniques capture Jackson's arrangements well. Musically it's another interesting combination of styles (like Night & Day) with a lot of brass this time. Truly 'popular' music."

"Could be too far away from the Rock stream for some."

"Joe is about as versatile an artist as there is . . . great stuff! 'Go For It.'"


"'Happy Ending' is real upbeat & beautifully arranged. C'mon - put this in 'N' at least."

"'N' please! ULTRA-CLASSY"

"About time this album got back in our library! Possibly Joe's finest. Technically, very well recorded. This is one LP I wouldn't trade for a CD. So there."

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