2016 Hood-to-Hood Challenge: One Day, One Winner

Hood to Hood, Fundraising Drives

Everything you love about KEXP, from The Morning Show to free performances by the Posies and Charles Bradley in the Gathering Space relies on financial support from you and your fellow music lovers. Today is our One-Day Summer Fund Drive and Hood-to-Hood Challenge, and I wanted to share some of the comments that KEXP Amplifiers made to our phone volunteers during Amplifiers Love Week 2016:

“I started listening in 1989. Things change, but the one constant in my life has been KEXP. It is the soundtrack to my life- comfort when I’m feeling down, and celebration when things are going my way. I’m so thankful that a station like this still exists!” – Jennifer from Woodinville

“KEXP is part of a very special community. It’s like family. I happened to be listening the morning that Prince passed, and was glued to the station the whole day. My co-workers didn’t quite understand my grief, and I was so grateful to be able to grieve with the KEXP community.” – Tia from Seattle

“I’ve been a listener for a long time. I’ve discovered so many of my favorite bands through KEXP. My 5-year-old son loves all the DJs and he especially loves going to the Gathering Space. KEXP really builds a sense of community and breaks down barriers.” – Kate from Shoreline

“If I could embed a KEXP chip in my brain that would let me listen all the time, I would love that. That’s the only thing I would embed in my body.” – Paula from Seattle

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What’s your reason for supporting KEXP? Please let us know when you make your gift right now during KEXP’s One-Day Summer Drive and Hood-to-Hood Challenge.

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