Decibel Festival 2015, Day 2: Discwoman at Re-Bar

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Marcus Shriver
all photos by Victoria Holt (view set)

So often we find ourselves looking at festival lineups, picking and prodding for female artists, but here, in the world of Decibel, female artists were the focal point of the night. The Discwoman showcase on Thursday night was fantastic, energetic, and powerful.


Starting with Bardo:Basho, who was not mentioned on the posters, the night of Discwomen started pretty high energy. The songs were a very medium tempo, however, with some high pitched vocal loops, bongo sounds, and other instruments a vision of a very distant environment was created. This moved nicely into the slower and simpler sounds of Experimental Housewife.

Experimental Housewife

Moving into Experimental Housewife, the night eased into a nice relaxing evening which progressed into some interesting fast dance beats that hit just hard enough to shift your body to.  Experimental Housewife’s set was very well set out to start slow and speeding up in preparation for Young Ejecta.

Young Ejecta

Being a big fan of Natasha Kmeto before this show, I completely overlooked Young Ejecta, who had the show of the night. Known for playing with her top off and being part of Neon IndianLeanna Macomber played a full shirted set. The set started fantastically with her song Mistress, which progresses similar to something you might hear from Beirut, but in electronica version. Everyone sitting down as this song start immediately stood up and started dancing. Young Ejecta had an amazingly friendly energy and fantastic live vocals, as she performed live.

Natasha Kmeto

Up next was Natasha Kmeto. Having just released her new album, Inevitable, about a week ago, Natasha did a good job of mixing in her new music with music the crowd was more familiar with. Natasha’s older music did a great job of exploring the range of her voice, and her newer songs showed the utter power that she has behind those vocal chords. A mix between electronica and R & B, Natasha is a perfect artist for dancing, and the whole crowd thought so as well.


JLin was last of the night at ReBar. A blend of electronica, trap, hip hop, and orchestral progressions JLin is one of the most interesting producers I’ve seen. A pretty energetic set and a really strange but fun progression of music created oddly paced dancing and a fascinating show.

The Discwoman presents show on day 2 of Decibel Festival 2015 was a wonderful eclectic mix of female electronic artists, ranging from ambient to pop, and drifting into Hip Hop and R&B.

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