Decibel Festival 2015, Day 1: Soulection at Q Nightclub

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Geran Landen
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Wednesday marked the kick off of Decibel Festival 2015 and signaled the start of a week that will feature some of the worlds best electronic music artists in a plethora of Seattle's finest venues. 2015's lineup definitely offers something for everyone, and those looking to dance away their mid-week slump needed to look no further than the Soulection takeover happening at Q Nightclub.

Soulection regularly sells out clubs and releases records and EP's for a roster full of game changing producers and DJ's. The collective recently announced a Beats 1 radio show, and is not only cranking out fantastic beats, but also dominating as a taste maker in the electric music community. Joe Kay, co-founder of the collection, deserves much of the credit for the rise of Soulection. He got the Decibel Fest crowd moving in a hurry on Wednesday, providing a barrage of remixes to Q nightclub. Nothing from Drake to old soul flips were safe, and everything Joe Kay put his spin on landed excellently with the crowd. By the end of his set it was clear why Soulection has found such success: the man knows what people want to hear, even if they don't know it yet. Joe Kay:

Esta followed Joe Kay's set with fire of his own, providing the crowd with more of the groove and bass heavy Soulection sound. A remix of Vic Mensa's "Down On My Luck" got every last person in the club moving, but people didn't slow down when more abstract jazz-infused beats blasted through the speakers. The set offered a crystal clear view of the power and potential in Soulection. They obviously draw in fans through trap-style beats and remixes of hip-hop mainstream giants like Drake and Migos, but they touch upon such a wide variety of genres and artists as well, exposing lesser known artists to an increasingly large fan base. The night was a fun filled night that served as both a celebration of Soulection and a testament to the power of the collective.


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