Sasquatch 2015, Day 3: Shovels & Rope

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Isaac Kaplan-Woolner
all photos by Matthew B. Thompson (view set)

South Carolina husband an wife team Shovels & Rope threw an infectiously fun clap and dance along set on the Sasquatch main stage. Somehow this dynamic duo managed to fill the enormous bowl with roots rocking americana sound, trading off on guitar, drums, keys, harmonica, and sharing beautiful close harmonies. A lot of the draw of Shovels & Rope is how much they seem to be enjoying each other, and enjoy performing. "Thank you guys so much, this is so fun," drawled Cary Ann Hearst, as Michael Trent gave an amiable nod, and their grins throughout the set lent her thanks an air of humble authenticity. On some songs they lean in to share a single mic, drawing kissably close. It's cute, but they also aren't hesitant to employ a big synth bass line and blazing electric guitar on some more upbeat songs. It's also fun to watch them trade duties on guitar, drums, and keys throughout the show. They played a set mostly made up of 2014's Swimming' Time and a number of tunes from their break through 2012 album, O' Be Joyful. They went from that album's title track into its single "Birmingham", a great double header of feel good foot stomping.  Newer tunes like the southern gothic rocker "Evil" showed a greater dynamic range. This is the group's third time playing Sasquatch, but their first time on the main stage. Theirs has been a deserved rise in popularity, and it is hard to resist this sort of organic and joyous get-down on a sunny day at The Gorge.

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