Sasquatch 2015, Day 3: Ex Hex

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Jacob Webb
photos by Brittany Bollay

"Wait, they're here?" That's how most people reacted when they heard Ex Hex were playing, mishearing their name for that of the nocturnal London trio. But that confusion soon turned to either pleasant surprise or completely expected enjoyment as Mary Timony spent an hour unleashing riff after riff after riff on as she and her bandmates closed down the Yeti stage. The trio's debut album, 2014's Rips, does exactly what it's name says it does, and the live takes on "Don't Wanna Lose", "Waterfall", "Hot and Cold" didn't disappoint. Timony, bassist Betsy Wright, and drummer Laura Harris were in the most party-friendly of moods on Sunday night, and on a stage that had hosted more than a few guitar-driven garage rock bands, Ex Hex reigned supreme with their fiery energy and effortless cool. "You guys have got some real good vibes," said Timony, calmly after nailing an extended, fast-paced guitar solo. Then she smiled and went back to shredding, as if a party like this was her norm. Then again, it kind of is.

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