Sasquatch 2015, Day 3: Temples

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Isaac Kaplan-Woolner
all photos by Matthew B. Thompson (view set)

British psych pop four-piece Temples have garnered a lot of attention in the short time since their formation in 2012. Their 2014 debut, Sun Structures, made its way onto lots of best-of lists. Consequently, the Bigfoot stage was considerably crowded as they launched into the single "Shelter Song". The long-haired lads have elements of mod, glam, and even garage rock all drenched in psychedelic rock. Singer and lead guitarist James Bashaw was dressed in fringed leather, drummer Samuel Toms in a Stooges shirt, added to the effect of a band in a retro time warp. Yet there is something fresh and forward about their sound as well, and energy was high. They kept things moving, with little delay or banter between songs, but Bagshaw did take a moment to appreciate his surroundings, saying, "wow, what a view, amazing!" This is a common refrain, especially from this stage, which affords bands a sweeping vista of the Columbia River Gorge. Temples offered a glimpse of solid follow up material. New song "Henry's Cake" built on a syrupy retro synth line and grew to a crunchy rock crescendo. Though the band is only a few years old, they played a tight set. The future is bright for these Brits.

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