Review Revue: Ministry - The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

I'm really glad I was born when I was. The idea of going through teenagerdom without the blistering, angst-laden pounding of Ministry (particularly late '80s and '90s Ministry) as a soundtrack seems too awful to imagine. Apparently billions of pre-gen-Xers managed it just fine and grew into perfectly normal, well-adjusted adults - how terrible!

It always makes me happy to see an album that I loved as a teenager receive more or less unanimous acclaim by smart, snooty college radio DJs of the era. There is one poor fellow who tried to make his case against this monstrous slab of vitriolic rock magic, but, in what might be the first documented case of pre-Internet sock puppetry, his own words were mangled and repurposed by the rabid Jourgensenite masses. Or something.

"More pounding in the [VC?] over the last LP. Unfortunately the best cut (1-1) is a red dot. If you find it (it's right in the middle, in the thick, dark stripe of grooves) you can easily edit it on the board. Do. This LP simply kills. Play loud and often."

"Now on my 40th listen. I love it even more."

"Rips - definatly [sic] music with backbone!"

"Too bad best songs are red dots."

"I agree with Core, maybe we should all hear this more."

"Wake up! This is a test - will you pass? Listen - + play up."

"Loud + droning." [You say that like it's a bad thing...]

[Confusing comment with some words scratched out, "hard enough" or "heard enough" visible, and an "H" crossed out.]

"Huh? I thought you didn't like this."

"Damn right I don't. Some dickhead too insecure to write their own comments keeps fucking with mine. (Something happened to what I wrote on that Women of Africa comp). I guess someone feels [scribble scribble] they're so unpersuasive that they can't use their own words."

"I like! They've got a whole new set of fans now (few ''With Sympathy' folks'll like this). More power to them!"

"2.2 picks up where P.I.L. sadly left off."

"Edit of 'Thieves' [the aforementioned red-dot-containing 1-1] in cart rack w/pink label!"

"'Burning Inside' !!![smiley face]!!!"

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