Review Revue: The Eastern Dark - Girls on the Beach (With Cars)

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

I've covered a few Australian bands in this space over the years, the majority of whom appear to have been related to this Australian band. The Eastern Dark, the Internet tells me, contained ex-members of both The Celibate Rifles (Eastern Dark founder and singer James Darroch) and The Lime Spiders (bass player Bill Gibson). Their star shone briefly but brightly, with the band releasing only a single and an EP before Darroch's untimely death. Fortunately for the historical record, KCMU seems to have had a native guide on hand at just the right time to shed some light on this release and this band. Thank you, Maahk, wherever you are.

"The Eastern Dark may well be the best unknown guitar band of all time. This is an awesome collection - 3/4 live, one studio side. The material from the Tivoli almost defies description. Passon, power, skill - incredible. Especially 'Johnny & DeeDee,' 'Whore,' 'Julie Is a Junkie.' The studio 'Mr. Clean' also shreds. Before song 2-6, you hear the band talk about a trip to Melbourne. It was this trip that claimed the life of singer James Darroch. I don't know what else to say - I could cry. Side 4 is a great bunch of covers... HEAVY - 2-6 is a red dot. Yes, the sound quality is just miraculous, perfectly airable. -Maahk"


"They rise above the general [or maybe ground? or gonad?]"

"Don't ignore side 4 - I'm sure there are some KCMU favs on it."

"Great listener response!!!"

"Can't say enough - passion, universal themes, sweat. The guitar rock band thing done right."

"I like Maaaahk cuz he comes from the same country as bands like this. 1-2, 2-1, + 2-2, plus probably others I haven't even heard."

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