Live Video: Ages and Ages

Live Video, Local Music
Anna McClain
photo by Beth Crook (view set)

Here's a killer word for your next round of Scrabble: Divisionary. You can thank delightful Portland band Ages and Ages for that knock out; it's the title of their second album. What does it mean? Splice together "division" and "visionary" and you can explain how even the best intentions sometimes result in the opposite effect. Listen to their title track, "Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)" for an official definition (Scrabble-approved of course). The band made it to KEXP for a chat with Cheryl Waters about their year spent making Divisionary, their original vocabulary, and to play an intimate set of encouraging songs from the album. We fit the six bandmates into our studio space -- unfortunately a bit too small for the band's loved ones who helped create this goose bump-inducing video. I challenge you to keep still as you watch their performance below:

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