Live Video: Quantic

Live Video, El Sonido
photo by Beth Crook (view set)

Sometimes life's journeys lead us back home matter how far away we travel. It's been nearly eight years since U.K. born producer Will Holland released a solo album as Quantic. He was certainly busy the whole time, producing records, collaborating with Alice Russell, and most significantly, moving to Colombia, where he immersed himself into Latin styles and traditions, and formed an all-star group, Combo Bárbaro. As you would expect, Magnetica, his new LP (nearly eight years since his last!), is full of congas, horns, accordion, flute and all sorts of tropical influences, yet he never loses the electronic accents that make him unique. Recently, Will Holland brought Quantic, along with South American vocalists Thalma De Freitas and Nidia Góngora, to perform a vibrantly danceable set live on El Sonido with DJ Chilly. Watch it now:

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