Live Video: Crystal Antlers

Live Video
Anna McClain
photo by Beth Crook (view set)

Crystal Antlers is hard to pin down. With each release, the energetic band leaves genre behind, making fans uncertain of their future endeavors, yet they manage to avoid slipping into frustrating unpredictability. Recently, Crystal Antlers wrapped up their North American tour with a stop in Seattle before moving on to their umpteenth European tour this winter. The band may somehow have exhausted five vehicles on their way to Seattle (thankfully, not due to serious accidents), but we're glad they made it to perform four vibrant tracks from their third album, Nothing Is Real. While they've eluded genre for the past seven years, Crystal Antlers charged the compact KEXP studio with blistering drums, psychedelic guitar, lingering keys, and raw yet adept vocals. Despite looking like perfectly preserved relics from 90's Seattle during their set, the band, with the exception of Seattleite keyboardist JP Bendzinski, all hail from Long Beach, CA. Watch their entire in-studio performance and interview below:

Full Performance:

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