Live Video: Eleanor Friedberger @ CMJ

Live Video, CMJ
Jim Beckmann
photo by Benjamin Mobley (view set)

Though her first band, brother-sister duo The Fiery Furnaces, caught a lot of well-deserved internet buzz, Eleanor Friedberger has truly found her voice alone. Over two albums - Last Summer, 2011's acclaimed solo debut, and the recent Personal Record, sure to be a favorite on critics' year-end lists - the Chicago-born singer has become an idiosyncratic personality of her own, all while honing her songwriting and sharpening her lyrics. Live, through, she's plays with more people ever. During our broadcast at Judson Memorial Church during CMJ, Eleanor Friedberger was joined by her regular touring band - guitarist Malcolm Perkins, bassist Cassandra Jenkins, keyboardist Michael Rosen and drummer Noah Hecht - for a fully formed vision of her own. Read more about the session and check out photos here, and watch the videos of the full performance here:

Full Performance:

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