Live Video: Ivan & Alyosha @ Bumbershoot Music Lounge

Live Video, Bumbershoot, Local Music
Jake Uitti
photo by Morgen Schuler

Shut eyes, wide mouth, brow furrowed -- lead singer Tim Wilson’s face reads passion. If there was any doubt about his care for the songs he sings with the five-piece band Ivan & Alyosha, just take a moment to look at his visage. The band, one of the most well-coiffed in the business, took the Music Lounge stage on the final day of Bumbershoot to play spirited-yet-melancholic songs. “Don’t you fold,” sings Wilson. “When the mountain is high. When the river is wide. Don’t you fold!” Their message is encouraging and their music is pretty. The band is currently on a fall/winter tour through December with dates all over the country. Check out their full Bumbershoot Music Lounge performance live on KEXP here:

Full performance: 

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