Live Video: Beats Antique @ Bumbershoot Music Lounge

Live Video, Bumbershoot
Jake Uitti
photo by Dave Lichterman

Given the number of groups to perform at the Bumbershoot music festival and to pass through the KEXP halls, you’d think we’d seen everything. Well, it still comes as a surprise to see a band featuring a belly dancer balancing a jug on her bejeweled brunette head while doing the splits. And that is just what we got from the Oakland-based Beats Antique at their Music Lounge show. The performance art mixed with sultry violins, music samples and pulsing percussion provided a provocative and elegant experience for the on-looking audience. Later in the show, there were costume changes involving long metallic fingernails and a crown ta boot! Check the whole thing out for yourself... and watch out for the giant squid!

Full performance: 

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