Jelly Cleaver - Cosmovisions

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Hosted by Gabriel Teodros

Today's Song of the Day, as chosen by Gabriel Teodros, host of Early on KEXP, is "Cosmovisions" by Jelly Cleaver, a 2022 single on Jelly's Jams.

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photo Provided by Artist
written by jasmine Albertson

London musician Jelly Cleaver’s otherworldly take on jazz by utilizing her DIY/punk scene influences and integrating political activism within her work makes the century and half year-old genre something entirely new. A recipient of the coveted Steve Reid Innovation Award, a grant that funds outstanding emerging artists of which Nubya Garcia and Moses Boyd have also been recipients, Cleaver is on a clear path towards greatness.

Our Song of the Day, “Cosmovisions,” is direct evidence of that. The massive track feels like a constantly evolving organism, with layers of bass, keys, strings, flute, and sax flowing and cascading over each other to extraordinary effect. This track was inspired by Arturo Escobar's book Designs for the Pluriverse, “A beautiful book which describes the ontology of Cosmovisions as a way for humankind to live in harmony with nature and itself,” according to Cleaver.

That focus on harmony begins with knowledge and Cleaver’s been doing her part to attempt to make the world a less racist place. During the lockdown, she helped develop a workshop on Anti-racism that she delivered to Extinction Rebellion groups across the country and presented the workshop at Brainchild Festival. Her newest single, “My People,” dropped yesterday, on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death (as well as her birthday) as a eulogy to all victims of racism and police violence.

Download “Cosmovisions” above and stream “My People” below.



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