Talaya - Sola Fide + No Way (feat. Brandon Marsalis & Crissy P)

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Hosted by Larry Mizell, Jr.

Today's Song of the Day, as chosen by Larry Mizell Jr., host of The Afternoon Show on KEXP, is "Sola Fide + No Way (feat. Brandon Marsalis & Crissy P)" by Talaya., from the 2021 album Existential Soul on Talaya's Music.

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written by jasmine Albertson

“Sola Fide + No Way” is an exemplification in song of a whole new crop of young, self-taught, self-made artists that is currently rising in the Seattle area. The hypnotic track off of Talaya.’s debut full-length Existential Soul sees the R&B soul songstress team up with rappers Brandon Marsalis of Tacoma and Kent-based Crissy P for a sophisticated and spiritual quest to find the light.

An audio engineer by day, Talaya first gained recognition for her vocal prowess at 2020’s Sound Off! The 21-and-under competition has been the symbolic birthplace of artists like Naked Giants, Dave B, Emma Lee Toyoda, and Travis Thompson and is seen as one of the main opportunities that young artists in the Northwest can get exposure. Crissy P also falls into that category, as a finalist in 2019’s competition and now an activist using his inciteful voice on his 2020 debut full-length The East Coordinate to amplify the causes close to his heart.

“Is you Christian all the way?” Marsalis ponders on “Sola Fide +No Way,” questioning the intentions behind performative religion. Reflection is big for the 24-year-old artist, who beautifully articulates the big questions in life on his 2019 album Ouroboros. While none of these artists have yet lived a quarter century on this planet, their ability to express larger-than-life concepts bodes very well for the next generation.

Below, watch Talaya. and Brandon Marsalis' virtual performance for 2020's Refill.



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