DIÄT - “W.I.G.T.D.W.M?

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Today’s song, featured on Sonic Reducer with Dr. West, is "W.I.G.T.D.W.M?” by DIÄT, from the 2019 album Positive Disintegration on Iron Lung Records.
PHOTO BY Marina Yurcheva

As a part of KEXP's Punk Month and leading up to Sonic Reducer's 15th Anniversary Live Show and Broadcast with Mudhoney, Control Test, and Dark Smith on May 4, KEXP's Dr. West is spotlighting punk bands for Song of the Day throughout the entire week.

Berlin post-punk outfit DIÄT recently returned after four years of near-complete slience to drop their sophomore record Positive Disintegration. A companion piece to 2015’s debut Positive Energy, the new record is simultaneously expansive and austere. This is best displayed on today’s Song of the Day, “W.I.G.T.D.W.M?.”

Standing for “What’s It Got To Do With Me,” the dreariness is visceral and built upon a stark programmed synth beat that grows into a lush, haunting track that tackles the very real issue of ignoring things that may not (but certianly should) concern you, such as neo-Nazis and corrupt politicians. On Bandcamp, the record is explained like this:

“...most of the lyrical content has to do with the monotony of barely getting by or trying to have a meaningful exchange with a remotely interesting person. These things are hard to come by most of the time and this music eats at that very feeling. It's almost enough to make you wanna throw in the towel and move to Spain without a care in the world to haunt your remaining days. You probably won't though, you'll most likely listen to this record while you sip your overpriced room temperature coffee drink whilst ordering new bulbs for your anti depression lamp from a major online retailer. It just feels like life is getting away from you, ya know? Dark.”

Positive Disintegration was also mastered by Daniel Husayn, of North London Bomb Factory Mastering and released via Seattle’s Iron Lung Records. Listen to “W.I.G.T.D.W.M?” below.



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