On this episode of Live on KEXP, Mndsgn speaks to Larry Mizell Jr. about being vulnerable and nixing the "cool guy" mentality for their new album Rare Pleasures.

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episode description written by jasmine albertson


Mndsgn, the pseudonym of Ringgo Ancheta, is no fresh face on the music scene. Since 2009, he’s been collaborating with incredible artists across the board, from Suzi Analogue and Knxwledge to Prophet and Chai. For his latest Stones Throw record, Rare Pleasure, Ancheta created his most vulnerable album yet, which he opens up to KEXP’s Larry Mizell Jr. about in this week’s episode of Live on KEXP before jumping into a killer set of songs off the album.

Recorded 06/09/2021
1. Hope You’re Doin’ Better
2. Slowdance
3. Medium Rare
4. Colours of the Sunset
5. Feelings Are...The Hardest Words To Say (Alphonso Johnson cover)



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