Joey Quiñones & Thee Sinseers

Live On KEXP
Hosted by Troy Nelson

Time warp with us to a year that’s *not* 2020 to settle into the sultry sounds of Joey Quiñones and Thee Sinseers.

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pHOTO BY justin wilmore (view set)
episode description written by jasmine albertson

Time warp with us to a year that’s not 2020 to settle into the sultry sounds of Joey Quiñones and Thee Sinseers. The East Los Angeles band takes their inspiration from the soulful ‘60s of SoCal to bring some seriously sexy heat. Despite having only released a string of singles, Thee Sinseers are one of the most popular groups in SoCal, in-demand for parties up and down the California coast. Singer, songwriter, and man-who-can-play-any-instrument Joey Quiñones’ extraordinary vocals make a strong argument for “future household name” and, if our YouTube comments are to be believed, is considered “the gem of the Chicano music community.”

Ahead of their set, recorded at the Transmusicales Festival in France and featuring Bryan Ponce and Adriana Flores from the Altons, Troy Nelson starts the engine and rolls down the windows to cruise back in time, taking us through the many artists that led up to and influenced the sweltering sounds of Joey Quiñones and Thee Sinseers. It’s summertime. SUMMERTIME y’all!

Recorded 12/07/2019

  1. Give It Up You Fool
  2. Voodoo Man
  3. It’s Only Love Lost
  4. What’s His Name?

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