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Mia Dyson about the themes on her latest album, 'Tender Heart,' including forgiveness and mental health

Seattle's Duff McKagan shares his story of addiction, recovery, and his struggles with panic attacks.

Karla Chubb talks about her recent ADHD diagnosis and why girls and women are under-diagnosed.

Rapper, singer, and writer Dessa shares a poem about how to live a life in music.

Genesis Owusu’s latest album 'Struggler' tells a story of a cockroach which represents humanity.

Champion writes about her own struggles with depression, addiction, and losing loved ones to drugs and alcohol.

Shamir talks about how they navigated their own mental health journey and a bipolar diagnosis, and made peace with their anxiety.

Ella Vos discusses her struggles with postpartum depression and the loneliness of being a new mom.

Left at London discusses her debut LP, an exploration of her mental health.

Toronto’s Royal Mountain Records became what might be the first label to offer a mental health fund for its artists.

The Seattle band discuss starting therapy together as a band, 12 years since they formed.

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Music Heals: KEXP Exclusive Interview with Phantogram

During the recording process of Phantogram's third album, Three, members Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter experienced a devastating loss. Barthel's sister and Carter's close friend Becky died by suicide. While the electro-pop duo has always explored dark themes in their songwriting, they weren't prepa…

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