Music Heals: Beyond Cancer

On Thursday, February 13th, KEXP presented Music Heals: Beyond Cancer, a day of programming dedicated to the power of music and the part it plays for those facing cancer. John Richards, Cheryl Waters, and Kevin Cole read stories shared with us by members of our community and featured songs that helped them through the healing process either emotionally or physically. 

Check out resources, articles, and interviews from 2019 and previous below. 

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Interviews + Articles From Past Music Heals:

Music Heals Sound and Vision

Music Heals: Phil Elverum on Expressing Grief Through Music and Remembering His Late Wife Geneviève Castrée

Ahead of KEXP’s Music Heals: Beyond Cancer event, Sound & Vision host and producer Emily Fox talked with Elverum about tackling grief in his music, performing these harrowing songs in front of festival crowds, and reflects on the art and void left by his late wife.

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Music Heals Sound and Vision

Sound & Vision: Jay Mathews on Accepting Cancer

In this intimate interview for Sound & Vision, DJ Kevin Cole chats with his long-time friend Jay Mathews, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

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Music Heals

Music Heals: Stefan Mitchell on the Vision and History Behind Bowievision

KEXP chats with Stefan Mitchell, frontman of Bowievision, who perform at tonight's Music Heals event in the Gathering Space, 6-8 PM.

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